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Title: Glorious Orb

Created: Year 1 of the First Age of Creation

Aldrayon is the name given to the planet upon which the Fireborn Kind and the Crystal Kind reside. It is located in the Triverse, which is the name given to the universe.

There are two periods of land on Aldrayon:

The period of Abarynth:

Originally, the lands of Aldrayon were created as one great continent, which was first known as The Continent of Abundance. The Crystal Kind later dubbed it Abarynth when they were first made to roam the continent. Abarynth was broken asunder in Year 425 Age of Gifts during the event known as the Mass Eruption.

The period of continent-kingdoms:

Following the Mass Eruption, there were six continents on Aldrayon:

Myltralt: continent of the North Pole

Krymvold: continent of the Far North in the western hemisphere

Dralyon: continent in the western hemisphere below Krymvold. Dralyon is split into North Dralyon (the kingdom of the Malyveldón) and South Dralyon (the kingdom of Rakudaav, Supreme Rultanyk)

Selzryan: continent to the east of Dralyon that was sunken. Only part of it remains as Kraken Island, which North Dralyon uses as an infernal-level prison.

Shoduz (Fog Lands): large continent to the east of Kraken Island (formerly Selzryan) that is located in the eastern hemisphere of Aldrayon.

Teltralt: continent of the South Pole


  1. The Fog Lands are widely uncharted and are considered extremely dangerous terrain even to Crystal Kind.
  2. Aldrayon’s first inhabitants were demons. These beings are still around and are protective of the planet.