Crimson Plumes Wiki

Title: Crystal Kind, Nightwalkers, Nyctophiles

Created: Year 825 of the Thirteenth Age of Creation

The Crystal Kind is the name given to the eighth species of humanoid beings that the Tri-Gods created. Since they had greyscale-hued skin tones and grayscale features, they became known as the Crystal Kind.

The Crystal Kind are immortal and they do not biologically birth children. They are reliant on the Tri-Gods to gift them children. After Zaldyan’s betrayal, the Tri-Gods became angry with the Crystal Kind and stopped gifting them children. Thus, the remaining Crystal Kind men or trimen who wish to have children can only reproduce with a gifted Fireborn woman or triman. They cannot reproduce with giftless Fireborn. However, most Crystal Kind are too proud to court a Fireborn and it is rare, and often shameful, for them to have children with the Fireborn Kind.


1. The Crystal Kind cannot see in colour.

2. They greatly revere the moon and are nocturnal.