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Darius Malyveld is the youngest son of Elated King Rezlend Malyveld and the late Elated Queen Váryela Malyveld. He is the younger brother of Adamas Malyveld and Varelda Malyveld.

He lived in the mighty city of Veneressing (on the glorious orb of Aldrayon) with his wife Isryá Volring and father-in-law Ikrad Volring until the death of his brother, Adamas Malyveld. Darius and his three sons, Malleus Malyveld, Zafius Malyveld, and Zirkonus Malyveld, left Veneressing for Veldren, the capital city of North Dralyon, where he was crowned Elated Heir.

Darius is also a gifted glassblower and gifted blacksmith who specializes in the forging of gifted weapons. As a member of Kyndyl's fire-gifted clan, Darius is fluent in the runes of Kyndyl (Kyndylrik).


1. Veldkast is the name of his gifted, golden longsword.

2. Darius’s favourite drinks are tea with molasses and spiced rum.

Works Appeared In:

The Garnet Crown, print book, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.

The Garnet Crown, ebook, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.