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Title: Fireborn Kind, Fireborn, gifted Fireborn, giftless Fireborn, Undaunted Fireborn

Created: Year 1 Age of Fireborn

The Fireborn Kind is the name given to the ninth species of humanoid beings that the Tri-Gods created. Since they required sunlight to live, they became known as the Fireborn Kind.

During the Age of the Fireborn, the Fireborn Kind were immortal. They were different than the Crystal Kind, their predecessors, in their lifestyle and reproductive ability, having always reproduced sexually. However, they became mortal in Year 1 Age of Gifts when they became tainted by Zaldyan and his Shadow influence.

There are two types of Fireborn Kind:

Gifted Fireborn are mortal Fireborn who were bestowed with gifts of mana by one of the seven demigods during the Age of Gifts. There were originally 14,000 gifted Fireborn, with 2000 per each of the seven clans of the demigods. These Fireborn can live to 500 years old and have specialized mana abilities that relate to their demigod guardian’s element. They may also converse telepathically through starspeech and may have knowledge of the language of their demigod guardian.

Giftless Fireborn are mortal Fireborn who were not bestowed with any gifts of mana. Thus, they have no mana or telepathic abilities and can only live up to 100 years.


1. Gifted Fireborn have auras that correlate to the colour of the demigod that has bestowed them with a mana-gift.

2. Giftless Fireborn have shadows, while gifted Fireborn do not.