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Ikrad Volring is the oldest son of the Vyramela Volring and Ikradon Yardot. He is the father of Countess Isryá Volring.

Duke Volring lives in the mighty city of Veneressing. Duke Volring is the secondary ruler of Veneressing and serves as an advisor to Elated Prince Darius Malyveld.

He is fluent in Dralik and Vysworyk.


1. Duke Volring often speaks in both Dralik and Vysworyk even when he is the only person conversing who is gifted by Vyswor.

2. He is fond of lavish feasts, parades, and championships and uses any excuse to party.

Works Appeared In:

The Garnet Crown, print book, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.

The Garnet Crown, ebook, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.