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Isryá Volring is the oldest daughter of the Duke Ikrad Volring and Ryella Blusk.

She lived in the mighty city of Veneressing with her husband Darius Malyveld and their sons: Malleus Malyveld, Zafius Malyveld, and Zirkonus Malyveld. Since Darius is

She is fluent in Dralik and Vysworyk.


1. Isryá retired from her work as a masseuse after being married.

2. She is still angry with Darius Malyveld because she does not have a daughter that is gifted by Vyswor.

Works Appeared In:

The Garnet Crown, print book, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.

The Garnet Crown, ebook, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.