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Kéandra Malyveld is the youngest and only daughter of the late Elated Queen Kandralyss Vyalt and the late Elated King Vorlynd Halfoth.

She originally hails from Selzryan. Kéandra fled to North Dralyon with her only-surviving child, Kevelynd (Vyalt) Vyndrak when their home continent was destroyed and partially sunken during The Great Submergence of 38 Age of Forges.

Kéandra currently lives in the glorious city of Veldren with her second husband Rezlend Malyveld and their children: Kéandriss Malyveld, Faldran Malyveld, and Kaldran Malyveld. Kéandra is a gifted apothecary.

She is fluent in Dralik and Zyngardryk.


1. Kéandra is from a matriarchal society where she was Elated Princess.

2. She is part of the Vilóndyn Clan, a blesséd group of apothecaries.

Works Appeared In:

The Garnet Crown, print book, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.

The Garnet Crown, ebook, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.