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Kaldran Malyveld is the youngest son of Elated King Rezlend Malyveld and the Elated Queen Kéandra.

He lives in the glorious city of Veldren with his wife Brylyss Alstren and their daughter, Kaldressa. Kaldran is the youngest of Kéandra’s triplets and is the assistant to Lord Vyldant, the Keeper of Wisdom.

He is fluent in Dralik.


1. Kolembyr and Jadrelle call him “uncle doormat” behind his back.

2. Kaldran often has his wife prepare his dinner plate for him.

Works Appeared In:

The Garnet Crown, print book, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.

The Garnet Crown, ebook, published August 10, 2020 on Amazon.