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Title: Followers of Kulvoraat, Temple-Folk

The Rultanik are a cultural group of Fireborn who worship the spirit of Kulvoraat instead of the Tri-Gods. These Fireborn live for 500 years and have some basic mana abilities. They are exceptional healers, with legends of some of their blesséd healers being able to raise people from the dead.

The Rultanik are chosen by Kulvoraat. Thus, the only way one can be a kulral (follower of Kulvoraat) is by hereditary descent.

The Rultanik live in a kingdom that is not headed by a monarch, but by the Taalaam, (the Supreme Rultanik). The Taalaam resides in the capital temple city of Huxlaan and oversees all the temple cities of South Dralyon, as well as the temple of Kulvoraat. Rultanik cities are overseen by a Joffaam (equivalent of duke), who is loyal to the Taalaam. Rultanik cities and life structure are built around the temple and worship, which is strikingly different than the Tri-God-following kingdoms of Aldrayon, such as North Dralyon.


1. The Rultanik have been having a civil war, known as the Temple City Crusades, in South Dralyon since year 42 Age of Forges.

2. The Rultanik celebrate every season with temple-retreat days and intriguing practices of self-mortification, known as dedications.