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Titles: Divine Triplets, Divine Creators, Divine Forgers, Trynber’end (Dralik)

The Tri-Gods are the creators of all, who once forged everything that is in their majestic Heart Forge. Although they are spirit, they are often personified as triplets in humanoid likeness to the Crystal Kind. Of the three siblings, one appears as a man, another as a woman, and the third as a triman. It is said in Aldrayon's lore that the Tri-Gods were first personified by the demons. They are also known for sending The Seven Demigods to Aldrayon to aid the Fireborn in resisting Shadow sorcery and the Shadow reign of Zaldyan.

The Tri-Gods are symbolized by a golden equilateral triangle with three circles within it. Usually these circles are fitted with the stones of an amethyst, a garnet, and a sapphire.

The Tri-Gods do not demand worship. Instead, they act as guardian spirits. They have graced every being with free will (the Dralik virtue of Acceptance) and honour every creation’s right to free choice.


1. Gifted Fireborn often make the symbol of the Tri-Gods by holding their fingers and their thumbs together in a triangle shape.

2. The Rultanik do not follow the Tri-Gods because they follow Kulvoraat.